Making the Fens sustainable and resilient!

South Lincolnshire Fenlands Partnership has commissioned a series of botanical maps to record the level of species richness in the low level water channels (drains) of the Lincolnshire Fens. To manage the size of the area involved it was broken down into sections using the existing IDB boundaries. The maps have been generated in such a way that new data can be incorporated relatively easily. There are seven maps;

Most of the records are for Black Sluice and Welland & Deeping (the SLFP map covers parts of both). The Big Caveat is that they are maps showing results for those drains surveyed according to Local Wildlife Sites (LWS) Selection Guidelines ( ) + those ruled out as being dry/species-poor. Because Richard Lansdown’s surveys were done in a different manner, not all the drains he surveyed have been incorporated as yet. Also, because the areas surveyed reflect investment, there are few results from outside SHDC apart from those looked at with NE/EA funding.